Lab and Testing Facilities

Metrology Lab:
– Height gauge: Accuracy- (1.1+0.6L/600) µm.
– Vision measuring system: Accuracy- (1.9+L/100)
 µm,1D and (2.9+L/100) µm.
– CNC CMM: Accuracy- (1.8+L/300) µm.
– Surface roughness and Contour machine: Accuracy- Roughness 0.25 µm and Contour 0.50 µm.
– Roundness machine: Accuracy 0.25 µm.


Materials Testing and Analysis Lab:
– Wire Testing Facilities
– Hardness Testing Facilities
– Macro and Micro Analysis facilities
– Spring Testing Facilities
– Gasket Thickness Measurement Machine


Performance Test Lab: 
– Calorimeter: Accuracy – 0.5% Repeatability
– Overload Test Machine
– Quick Test Machine
– Locked Rotor Test Machine
– OLP Test Machine


Noise Testing Chamber:
– Testing facilities for the measurement of Noise, Vibration and Gas pulsation
– Background Noise Level < 10dB
– Standard : ISO 3744


Life Testing Machine:
– 28 benches are dedicated to perform Wear, High Temperature and ON/OFF Test
– Standard: CECOMAF GT4