- Optimized efficiency.
    - Refrigerant Type: R134a  
    - Cooling Capacity: 181W.

Low Noise:
Customer’s expectation and demand are the prime concerns of our product design. Our skilled design team works relentlessly on noise reduction to make our compressor quieter with maximum efficiency. We are offering a portfolio of modern and compact compressors that come with very low noise profile.

Wide Operating Voltage Range:
To minimize the effect of voltage fluctuation, expert R&D engineering team continuously works on the development of starting technology for the Compressor functioning at both low and high operating voltages. As a result, we are able to offer a spectrum of products that come with wide ranges of operating voltage, which can meet your demands accordingly.

Optimized Efficiency:
Energy efficiency is the prime concern while developing all kinds of products in Walton. Skilled R&D engineers are continuously researching on the development of Compressor to make it more efficient, quieter and more ecological. Thus, by our relentless dedication we are offering a full product range that offers compressors of standard efficiency.

Why should you choose it?
Walton innovates to build a more advanced, sustainable and environment friendly society through the combination of sophisticated technologies and expertise. Walton does not compromise with the quality issues of the products. We’ve built in-house advanced laboratory facilities from the best testing equipment manufacturers all over the world to ensure high quality products, strictly following the International Standards.
Features and Benefits:

- Optimum efficiency
- Very low Noise level.
- Wide ranges of Cooling Capacity.
- Units available for R134a & R600a.
- 100% factory tested.
- Corrosion resistant materials.
- Reverse Rotation Protection.
- Helium filled leak detection system ensures leak rate <7.6×10-8 mbar.l/sec for 100% compressor.
-All machined parts are checked by high precision lab machines. As example, for CMM the accuracy is 1.8 μ & for Roundness-Roughness measuring machines, the accuracy is 0.25 μ.
- High pressure, High temperature & 500000 cycles ON/OFF tests ensure great longevity of compressor life
- Electrical safety is maintained by following IEC 60335-2-34 International Standard