Why should you choose it?


Walton innovates to build a more advanced, sustainable and environment friendly society through the combination of sophisticated technologies and expertise. Walton does not compromise with the quality issues of the products. We’ve built in-house advanced laboratory facilities from the best testing equipment manufacturers all over the world to ensure high quality products, strictly following the International Standards.
Features and Benefits:

- Optimum efficiency
- Very low Noise level.
- Wide ranges of Cooling Capacity.
- Units available for R134a & R600a.
- 100% factory tested.
- Corrosion resistant materials.
- Reverse Rotation Protection.
- Helium filled leak detection system ensures leak rate <7.6×10-8 mbar.l/sec for 100% compressor.
-All machined parts are checked by high precision lab machines. As example, for CMM the accuracy is 1.8 μ & for Roundness-Roughness measuring machines, the accuracy is 0.25 μ.
- High pressure, High temperature & 500000 cycles ON/OFF tests ensure great longevity of compressor life
- Electrical safety is maintained by following IEC 60335-2-34 International Standard